Mushies Stretch & Pop Oz

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Mushies™️ - Hug, Stretch & Pop

Mushies have XL arms and legs with retractable POP Tubes enclosed. These tubes expand up to 18" long, giving you and your friends hugs as big or small as you need. POP Tubes are bendable, snappable toys that make a popping sound when stretched and compressed. They can also help with mood and attention, including tactile seeking and transitions. Each hand and foot has Velcro, allowing you to connect and wear your Mushie taking them wherever you go.

11" wide and 25" tall

3 lbs

Contains all new materials: Polyester fibers and plastic pellets.

Bumpas can be cleaned by using a damp cloth and cleaner on the affected area. Do not wash or submerge your Bumpas. Please allow your Bumpas to air dry. You should NOT use a dryer or handheld heating appliance on your Bumpas.