5 Reasons Why Kids (and Parents) are Obsessed with Bumpas

If you’re like us, you know your child’s toy should be more than just a toy. Bumpas are here to love, hug, and protect. Keep reading to see what makes Bumpas unlike any other stuffed companion.

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Bumpas hug you back

Kids love hugging stuffed animals, but what makes Bumpas different is they feel like they’re hugging back. It’s all in the arms – 3 lbs of distributed weight delivers deep pressure stimulation for a special hugging sensation.



Bumpas Promote Good Feelings

The weighted feel of Bumpas aren’t just good for hugs – they also promote a sense of security, reduce stress & anxiety, improve sleep and create a calming effect.



Soothing to the Touch

Bumpas also have an exterior specifically designed to feel soft, soothing, and calming. Just one touch and kids never want to let Bumpas go.


Heart Hands

Look closely – notice anything special about Bumpas’ hands? When Bumpas’ hands are placed together… they form a heart to display their unconditional love for you.



Unique Characters With Special Stories

Each Bumpas has their own name and story that makes them as unique as your child. Whether it’s Zeek the “Daring & Adventurous One” or Oz the “Gentle & Soulful One,” you’re sure to find a perfectly relatable companion.

Ready to Pick Out Your Kid’s New Best Friend?

We know you’ll love bringing Bumpas into your home and your heart, but we also offer a 30-day money back guarantee, just in case.