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• I have 3 lbs of distributed weight to deliver deep pressure stimulation which helps promote a sense of security, reduce stress & anxiety, improve sleep quality and create a calming effect. 

• My weighted arms are perfectly sized to give realistic hugs and hold on to you − hands free.

• My hands form a heart to display my unconditional love for you.

• Eyes in the back of my head keep watch and protect you.

• My soft exterior is soothing and calming.


11" wide and 25" tall

3 lbs

Contains all new materials: Polyester fibers and plastic pellets.

Bumpas can be cleaned by using a damp cloth and cleaner on the affected area. Do not wash or submerge your Bumpas. Please allow your Bumpas to air dry. You should NOT use a dryer or handheld heating appliance on your Bumpas.


Meet Sprinx

Whatever Sprinx has, it is yours...even her favorite cotton candy ice cream. She loves to share from her heart unconditionally, no sticky fingers attached. Her friend Shloof thinks she's fun to watch. When she giggles, she turns pink. When she's happy, she turns sunny yellow. And when she's sad, she turns blue. Sprinx thrives on constant change. By embracing change, she wants to show you that life can be exciting.

If you feel uneasy with life's transitions, remember Sprinx. She will ease your heart and mind with her love and support. ©